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At Herb Chambers BMW of Boston, you'll now find a product expert who will assist you in finding the perfect vehicle to suit your lifestyle and needs. Our BMW Geniuses are specially trained to explain and demonstrate all aspects of your BMW - before, during, and after your purchase.

Meet our BMW Geniuses to experience a new way of learning about BMW vehicles, features and innovations for as long and as often as you wish, without pressure to purchase.

The Herb Chambers BMW Genius Team.

We will be happy to guide you through the exciting world of BMW products and features to make sure to find the right vehicle for your needs.

Chris Lalicata
A true tech junkie, Chris L. loves to work with all things electronic - especially e-drive technology. Having worked with cutting edge tech for over 5 years, Chris L. joined BMW and quickly mastered the ultimate technology system. He currently heads up our Genius Team and is available to answer any question about any BMW.

Chris L. can be reached at


Ingrid Noj
For over 5 years, Ingrid has been helping BMW enthusiasts get the most out of their ultimate driving machine in every way. Ingrid loves exploring the latest BMW innovations and sharing her knowledge with anyone who shares her passion for technology and comfort. 

Ingrid can be reached at


Chris Schwagerl
Chris S. joined the BMW Genius Team because frankly, he's obsessed with cars. With an innate ability to easily understand even the most complex technological and manufacturing processes, Chris S. knows every detail of every BMW by heart, and loves teaching enthusiasts more about their ultimate driving machine.

Chris S. can be reached at

John Voong
A true sports driver, John loves BMW's precision and control - especially around the corners. Tight turns, fast times, and getting off the line as quickly as possible are why he came to BMW and he loves helping others choose the right model and features for the perfect balance between sport and comfort.

John can be reached at

Sergio Roque
With 4 years of BMW experience behind him and multiple track appearances, Sergio is all about BMW engines and high-performance features. He especially loves helping enthusiasts maximize their BMW's performance no matter the model. 

Sergio can be reached at

Looking for more answers while you are on the road or just not near a BMW center? Contact the BMW Genius Hotline  on 1-844-4GENIUS (1-844-443-6487), or via


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